Owner & CEO, Baseball Investments

Born and raised in New York, Brian "BO$$" COHEN is regarded as one of the best and brightest Baseball minds in the World. His mission is to help regular everyday people & professional sports bettors make money while being entertained from the great sport of baseball.

It all started at the age of 10 when his father was tired of him collecting those disgusting Garbage Pail Kids. He took him to a Baseball Card store and the addiction started. At an early age he was buying, trading, selling cards for large profits. At age 12 he worked his first Baseball Card show & while other teenagers had not so fun jobs, he was making a bundle of money buying and selling Baseball Cards at local card shows.

As a 17-year-old in High School his neighbor and friend knowing his sports knowledge & success in sports cards buying and selling, asked him to be a Bookie and take bets from all his friends. Cohen then studied all sports night and day to make the competitive lines and succeeded in learning the ins and outs of Sports betting.

In college Cohen had 2 Hustles. One the public knew about, which was being a very successful Nightclub Promoter. Cohen would rake in 100% of the door sales or 50% of the door & 50% of the bar without paying any overhead at multiple Long Island & New York City Nightclubs. The other was working for his mentor in the sports betting industry (name withheld)

Cohen's job was to bring him Whales who would bet on Sports & eventually end up losing big money in which Cohen would receive 50% of the loses. Cohen was in college and raking in the money from Nightlife & Sports.

Some years went by & Cohen moved to Tampa & then South Beach Miami. He owned his first Nightclub at age 26 but still had that itch to bet. The problem was where? He found a local Tampa bookie and within a few weeks Cohen cleaned him out in Baseball. They would not take his bets no more. He started doing online betting and crushed Baseball with Reverse & Alternative run line Parlays.

Finally knowing his knowledge, talent & love for betting on baseball, he decided to move to the Sports betting Capital of the World, Las Vegas. Cohen's unconventional way of betting was stopped quickly as Casinos noticed and put limits on his action. A 260-1, Five team Baseball Parlay all -2.5-run line being the biggest odds that cashed out. VEGAS DOES NOT LIKE WHEN YOU WIN! Living in Vegas for 7 years was like going to Harvard for Sports betting.

Cohen currently lives in Los Angeles and owns multiple Nightclubs & other businesses; however, his #1 passion is Baseball.

Cohen is not a conventional Handicapper but a Baseball Investment advisor. Think of a Stockbroker but for Baseball investing. He advises his clients on different Sports Betting income streams, Straight games, Parlays, Round Robins, In game play & Futures.

Unlike other SCAMdicappers, Cohen is the REAL DEAL! During the Baseball season and even on the off season he posts and interacts with other Baseball fans & experts on his Face Book Group with Baseball polls, trade rumors, free agents, Hall of Fame, players, fantasy baseball, steroids, stats, rules and all baseball related topics. You can find entertaining videos on the Baseball Investments Instagram and Face Book Its more than just spitting picks out! It's a passion, a love, and a way of life!

Cohen already a successful entrepreneur has been giving picks & predictions out for over 20 years. In 2018 he opened Baseball Investments LLC and brought in over 500 clients per year.

With a high win % and units won on a yearly basis, Baseball Investments, 2022 client list is expected to EXPLODE!